This course is the practical application of the required reading core courses ( 221, 332, 335, 355, and 376). Teacher/candidates will apply knowledge of literacy by diagnosing, remediating, or enriching a student in a tutorial situation. Teacher candidates display knowledge of pretesting and post testing the components of reading to provide an accurate, authentic, and individualized experience for students in a field experience classroom. Ten intervention hours of intervention are required. A video of an intervention session will be shared with the class and critiqued by peers. The instructor and the teacher candidate will conference about the plan of remediation and an intervention session. A remediation report and a final diagnostic report will be shared with peers, the parents of the student, or the classroom teacher.

The varied roles of a reading teacher within the classroom, school, and community will be explored. Research as it applies to literacy through on-line journals will be examined. The teacher/candidates will also explore professional development opportunities through professional journals and organizations. Teacher/candidates will create a reading proposal for a potential workshop presentation for an IRI conference that will be found via the internet.