College Composition II (EN101) is part of the First-Year Composition Course curriculum. Through writing as inquiry, in this course, students will practice critical analysis to evaluate arguments, research and organize evidence and learn to understand contexts by studying the rhetorical situation out of which a text arises. This course will meet for three class hours a week. If students have already taken EN100, they should enroll in EN101: College Composition II to complete the composition course requirement for the First-Year Composition.

In this course, you will learn to build on the skills you first acquired in your first-semester writing course. You will continue engaging with the various forms of the writing process. You will learn how to work closely with research materials as you build on your argument skills first adapted to your previous coursework. The skills of rhetoric that focused on the alphabetic text will now move to digital platforms. Finally, you will enter research into the specific writing in your field of study, thus closing out two full semesters of intensive writing instruction.