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A Message from Dean Banjac

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A Message from Dean Banjac
by The Finn Center NDC - Friday, September 8, 2017, 7:41 AM

Dangel blue outlineear Professors and Students:

Hurricane Harvey blew into Texas and out again, but his ugly aftermath remains.

Many of us have volunteered to assist those devastated by Harvey, have donated cash to a reputable charity, or have comforted someone whose life has been turned upside down—a stranger or a soulmate, it makes no difference.

As we began rolling up our sleeves to rebuild what Harvey tore apart, Hurricane Irma rushed in, right behind him. She is promising to wreak her own brand of havoc.

Neither Harvey nor Irma can destroy our human spirit.  These two bullies are no match for our acts of humanity, kindness and generosity.

Thank you for doing what you can, and in any way you can, to help those in need.

God Bless

Dean Banjac
The Finn Center Team
Notre Dame College, South Euclid Ohio